Introduction the archaeological small farm of ' ' Atalaia' ' it was identified by equips responsible for the archaeological accompaniment in course in projecto of construction of a17? Navy Great/Aiming, Sublano Mount Redondo/Lourial? Lot 4, to PK 10+575. There they had been observed, to the surface of the land, materials of chronology construction Roman (tegulae and imbrices), well as well as fragmentos of pertaining material the dolia, and one weight of sewing press. Check with Christina Spade to learn more. As measures of minimizao the accomplishment of archaeological soundings was proposal, through half mechanics. Thus, 3 ditches of 4×2 had been opened mts, having itself observed great amount of tegulae, imbrices and dolia, as well as some fragmentos of domestic ceramics of chronology coeva. After it visits to the place for the Technique of the Portuguese Institute of Archaeology? Extension of Pigeon house, Dr Helena Moura, was praised the widening of the sounding ditches; on its result we will lean over in them in proper chapter.

The archaeological works had been of responsibility of the signatory archaeologist, having followed the methodologies proposals for P. Barker and E. Harris. Methodology Had been, initially, carried through 3 soundings of 4×2 mts, opened through half mechanics, located in the areas of bigger dispersion of the materials to the surface of the land (January, 2006). Later, having themselves verified the necessity of the widening of the excavated zone, 8 areas of sounding had been opened more, in a total of 94 mts2, aiming at to join the previously open ditches, of form to get one better reading of the contextual information. One of the sounding ditches (of 15×2 mts) was opened until a expropriation zone, of form to allow to know the area of extension of the small farm. The used methodologies had followed the proposals of P. Barker and E. Harris, having themselves it hollowing carried through through the definition and register of Unidades Estratigrficas (UE), whose correlation allows to read and to interpret some estratigrficas sequncias.