They negotiate as two partners and not as religious. At last, when perceiving these details we understand that the film will have a denunciation tone and these had made in them to remember that Guillermo de Ockham also denounced while still alive the disobediences of the Church in relation to the accumulation wealth of the clergy. in the film accurately the personage William de Barkeville if dirige to the monastery to participate of a meeting that will deal with this subject. We can then trace here a parallel between the personage and the reality. Following in this direction, admitting that Barkeville is Guillermo of Ockham, we can also observe its critical position and as it makes use of the logic to try to inside understand the first death of the religious one of the monastery. In the scenes that if follow we observe that it has a counterpoint in the reasoning used for Barkville/Ockham and the excessively religious ones. These are taken to believe that it has in the place the supernatural presence of something that it caused that death and the franciscano goes by means of the observed facts trying to find logical explanations for the occurrence.

the scene where it takes a walk with the beginner for the monastery and arrives until the place of the death of the priest. It goes analyzing the possibilities of as the death of the priest would have occurred or if it killed somebody it. He goes raising hypotheses if being valid the logic. This position remembers and very the positioning of Ockham in century XIV when it revealed to adept the referring questions the logic and metaphysics. This positioning also is evident when the second death in the monastery happens, now of a great translator of Greek; again the religious ones of the monastery are taken by explanations supernatural and if they despair, but Bakerville again reveals adept of the use of the reason to explain the facts.