Barrier Free Housing

Barrier-free housing – for disabled and elderly people dress lifts are an important step for barrier-free living. Originally designed for wheelchair users, they make today even small and older people, for example in homes for the elderly, very good services. The mechanics lowers either manually or electrically, arching a garment racks mounted on arms, from the top of the Cabinet to the seat height. Add to your understanding with Richard Anderson . This practical feature, it is possible to hang up clothes in a wardrobe very far above. Clever uses resulting for non-disabled people. The use of the full Cabinet height, allows for example a better exploitation of the Cabinet rooms. The garment racks by means of a rod is pulled down with the less expensive manual solution. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. gathered all the information. layers-compass-cushman/’>CB Richard Ellis to increase your knowledge.

Depending on the type of lift and force of the person, it can be that disabled people here confronted with limits and handling for them will be very difficult. In this case, or also for reasons of convenience,. developed the electric lifts. Up and down buttons on a remote control, the electric dress lift infinitely to the desired height raise or lower. There are elevators for Cabinet widths from 60 to 120 cm. In the manual version is much cheaper than the electric one, which can cost between 700,-to 1.000,-with their 70,-to 90,-. At the time of purchase is sure that the lift is stable enough and has a sufficient capacity. A manual lift should be able to support at least 10 kg.

The capacity is usually 15 to 20 kg at the electric lifts. Dress lifts should be obtained from a specialist shipping specialized in barrier-free living. With the right choice, so a lift can facilitate the residential life and eliminate insurmountable barriers for some people. For further information see: ..Kleiderlift. Contact: Company Schneider MoBEL GmbH Industriestrasse 79 74927 Eschelbronn phone: 06226 41260 fax: 06226 42282 Internet: email: About the Schneider furniture company: Schneider, from the Baden village of Carpenter Eschelbronn, over 26 years children’s furniture manufactures. Especially in the construction of kindergarten facilities Schneider has become nationwide. Furniture solutions in the field of disability be developed for about four years. This part of the offer originated from the development of a baby crib for disabled parents, which may be underneath the wheelchair can be height adjusted electrically. Mainly of solid wood from again afforested areas, mostly environmentally friendly provided with waxed surfaces are processed. Cabinets and shelves are produced mainly from coated and veneered panels and sealed with environmentally friendly paints.