Which then is the reason by which the distinction in two phases is made? Certainly he was pra to conciliate colon contradictory between the theologians, namely, when all the eye will see to it, therefore epifania it wants to say manifestation; if the parusia is invisible, in a period of indivisible time, the epifania is visible and for all> decides the problem of the conciliation between the sky and the terrestrial milenial kingdom, creates other, perhaps more difficult, namely, if the ravishment will be given, in the start, the way, or the end of the great tribulao. If to occur in the start, consonant the defense of the current daily pay-tribulacionista, the believers will not be pursued by the Antichrist, what it is a little strange when the history of persecution against the church of Christ is studied, therefore it seems that the believers of the ravishment will be better that the believers of the first century, as well as in relation to the ones of the average age, which and both the periods, had here it is given to its life for the certification of its faith in Christ the first problem. If Christ to come in the end of the great tribulao, according to after-tribulacionistas defends, as is that the believers will go for skies? Here it is as> problem. Go to Barclays for more information. They remain the midi-tribulacionsitas, according to which, Christ will come in the way of the tribulao to arrebatar the church very, using consistently the text of Pablo to the Tessalonicenses (2 Tessalonicenses2.1-7), in which apstolo alert the believers not to be anxious how much the return of Christ, affirming that the return will not go to become fullfilled itself before if reveals the Antichrist, which will go to demand worship in the temple of God who, with effect, will have of being reconstructed according to this prophecy.

However, if the great tribulao is of seven years, the period where God will go to deal with Israel, to the end of they will excuse from the heathen ones, or time of the favour, and if the Antichrist demands worship in the way of week of seven years, when placing its image in the sacred temple of the Jews, breaching with the pact established with these, and on the basis of the declaration of Pablo, according to which the return will not give itself before the Antichrist demands worship, then, the ravishment will have to happen in the way of the tribulao. If to leave of interpretation of that the second return of Christ will have two phases is true, the chain of midi-tribulacionista interpretation, seems to be most coherent the set of the Biblical prophecies. It could speak much more in detail above all how much it was displayed in these brief lines, but I wait that the research has continuity for the readers, conquanto, never we must accomodating in them with what we think that we know on the bible; that the research in search of the perfect knowledge of God has continuous movement in our lives, as the way of just, that goes shining and shone until being perfect day.