Black Gold Sports

I was fortunate to see live the moment in which our Black Maria Isabel Urrutia lifted 110 kg in snatch those in their third and final attempt for which he was 132.5 kilograms, or rather, that we were worth, all the Colombians The first gold medal in more than sixty years of participation in the Olympics. At first those who do not understand or "J" Sport of normal weight we wanted the joy of black at the end of their participation, since the end of the games it was the millennium and she was there waving our tricolor, which in itself is cause for pride. But no. His joy was because she knew it had gotten on the podium of the winners, which was to be on the rise awards ceremony in one of these three steps from where would the world at his feet. The black rose their hands, dancing and smiling from ear to ear as he walked to his dressing room.

Then followed a few minutes of calm, of expectation, during which television commentators risked a sentence not triumphalist. Then came the box on the screen information of the classification in which "inexplicably" appeared Urrutia of Colombia in the first place. In those moments is when we all be happy here, live here, to say that we're foreigners. Just what the Black Urrutia had a taste not only of patriotism, of triumph among the best in the world of sports pride, but a lesson, teaching, and spiritual strength humide. Karouchkov Gantcho coach, whom he owes much of this rewarding victory, we should not forget that he was the architect to lower weight, when asked what it was that called the attention of our Black Large (capital "because the merits), said: "Initially it was its texture and strength, but after I met her, what convinced me most was his personality, his mental strength, security conditions and the faith itself …" It is quite certain that never again see the rising weights in a contest or Olympics because, as she herself said, in his career as a weightlifter and won it all, managed all the awards and won all the honors.

But Maria Isabel Urrutia forever leaves us several lessons. From it we learned that not always the luxury of delegations and the millions of income are the key factors to win. Scandals, the "chicanery", the screen and the swagger serve only to appear more often on television. She showed us that in the midst of poverty, ignoring tosudamente permanent lack of support and history behind one of only economic constraints, it may be the best in the world. To the best of the best one only needs to be spontaneous annealing humility as such and, finally, above all the laurels, awards, medals or awards is the love of family and country. All that makes Maria Isabel Urrutia is not only a Black Gold or a true Olympic champion, but a simple model of life.