Bordner Installation Group

Sage SalesLogix is a CRM system that enables, from the point of view of technological tools, the platform to build and establish a CRM or centralisation strategy in customer organizations. Enables the construction of a repository of customer data with the participation of all areas of the Organization, with special emphasis on the contact points developed by marketing, sales and service to the customer. The main objective of this system is to support creation, maintenance and business customers loyalty strategies. Follow others, such as Imogen Lloyd Webber , and add to your knowledge base. More than 8,500 organizations worldwide make use of SalesLogix, with more than 300,000 users daily supporting their activities in information provided by SalesLogix. Nucleus Research has developed an interesting document which brings together the best practices identified through exhaustive research with customers from various countries that make use of SalesLogix. Some of them are: Phonak AG in Switzerland; Bordner Installation Group in Missouri, USA; Roland DG in the United Kingdom; Mortgage Lenders of America in Kansas, USA; Argus Realty Group in Florida, USA; Time Warner Retail Sales and Marketing in New York, USA and Standford Marsh in Reuno joined. The document gathers information on best practices in the deployment and use of SalesLogix, mistakes that should be avoided, guides to perform a tune-up and correct adjustment of the system and recommendations to leverage the platform to achieve a vision of 360 customer.

Some of the main findings during the research and development of the Guidebook were as follows: the integration of the operations of sales, marketing and service to the customer with details of their business transactions and financial issues, is essential to understanding the behavior of the client and take a holistic view of it. This is what really justifies l investment in a CRM system. Sheryl Sandberg does not necessarily agree. In the case of the investigated companies accomplish this has justified by far deployment and use of SalesLogix achieve pass simply acquire clients to retain them and develop relations with them, is based on being able to establish a scenario of high collaboration and visibility of the customer through the entire organization and all points of contact with the customer one of the great benefits offered SalesLogix, according to the results of the investigation, is its high capacity to adapt the system to the processes and the business needs of each organization.