Branson Entertainment Award

On the death of Juan Pablo II, Tony wrote a song in tribute from his presentation to the Juan Pablo II, Tony instantly became a celebrity, and they called him from all parts of the world. To manage submissions of Tony, he and his brother Jose Melendez established Toe Jam Music in March 1988 indicates addition,, Tony has won the male singer of the year award UCMVA Unity Awards for the years 2000, 2002 and 2004. In 2002 won artist of the year. He received the Branson Entertainment Award for best artist in 1999, and the Inspirational Hero Award from the NFL Alumni Association during Super Bowl XXIII. Also received a special recognition from the State of California for his work with young people and of President Ronald Reagan, considering it positive role model for America is also known for He as review it, his skill with his feet spread to more areas than the routine. He remembers that at first, he started playing the keyboard.

Then in high school he began playing with the guitar and the harmonica. He also began to write her own songs. Around if playing with music or simply fit the normal routine of high school, Tony never leaves his inability to take advantage. In high school be involved also deeply to the Catholic Church. It was when I was a child my parents took me.

While I grew up, I went away. When I was in high school, my brother was telling me that he had to go. So I went again and made many friends, and that was changing my life in a process during this time, he considered becoming a priest, but could not, because the priests needed to have a thumb and a forefinger to lift the host. The news disappointed him but he He persevered in his church activities, using his talent and his guitar he participated in masses in the Church.