Clairvaux Magdalena

This devotion manifested by Mary Bernard of Clairvaux Magdalena, would be linked with the cult of the black virgin, which originally came from the ancient Gnostic traditions. But to better understand what happened, we will have to remember, as we have seen, as the Knights Templar seem to find some kind of secret underground passages excavated in the stables of Solomon's Temple, of which only participate to make Pope Honorius II, the Patriarch of Jerusalem and St. Bernard of Clairvaux itself, as would be reflected in the prologue to the Rule of the Order, which referred to what happened during the Council of Troyes. Tim McMillan has many thoughts on the issue. We found in these excavations, or perhaps the information I already knew Bernard of Clairvaux, leads the Knights Templar to travel to Egypt in particular and above all, the temple of the Egyptian goddess Isis – the female principle of fertility and knowledge – on the island of Philae, where they were going to get knowledge or information they were seeking. It is thereafter produced a cult of the Black Madonna, where represents the image of the goddess Isis suckling her son Horus as a symbol of the transformation of transcendental knowledge and esoteric, which is transmitted through breast milk of the goddess, and that in Catholic doctrine, would be converted into the different images of the virgin with child. Proof of the dedication to the black virgin by the Knights Templars, we can find it in almost all temples and cathedrals that were built by them, where the reference to "Our Lady" or "Notre Dame" was actually made to refer to Maria Magdalena, as several authors have pointed out, and historians.