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"Compensation lawyer – is the sum of salary, bonuses for representation in court and won percent of cases. But an additional factor in this formula – the education, experience, communication, reputation, special skills "- says Irina Bazyleva, head of recruitment trends in jurisprudence Personnel Center "Unity. However, even the main component – salary – for the same position can be determined by different values. "For example, the common practice of head of department – this is the position of the upper level – the expert continues – but if we consider this position in the law firm, then it is at best average, since lawyers consulting deeply specialized. This difference determines the difference in remuneration. The situation is similar to an entry-level vacancies. According to the recruiter, the proposal may be as 10 000 and 30 000 rubles per month. Only the first case, it will be important for a candidate with no experience and an incomplete formation of the position of paralegal.

A second sum – the average salary of an ordinary employee of the legal department, for example, in a small retail network. His responsibilities will include the already full legal support firm, contractual work, negotiations with partners, landlords and tenants, communicating with regulatory authorities. But the overwhelming Most employers are looking for mid-level lawyers, whose knowledge and skills already on order exceed the requirements for newcomers: requires knowledge of civil law, private international law, the ability to negotiations, knowledge of English. Summer job market in 2010 is replete with such vacancies, wages ranged from 50 000 to 80 000 rubles. For example, the legal counsel required in international law department of the Moscow company, estimated at 50 000-70 000. In such a salary category to find a job can be a lawyer with knowledge of tax and corporate tax law and the experience of participation in audits.

Or legal counsel with knowledge of the customs legislation. "The upper level offers tops difficult to limit, – says Irina Bazyleva. – It depends on the size of the business. So, reward the chief of legal department of a trading company will be calculated of 150 000 rubles, while a lawyer in the investment company to a member positions can earn 250,000 rubles a month. Get more background information with materials from Cerved. " The most highly paid professionals include leaders of various expert groups (For example, lawyers and analysts). They are able to consult, prepare any copyrighted material, and, most importantly, track, understand and communicate all the trends and changing legislation. Also in this group – Russian lawyers Foreign companies or key jurists large domestic organizations working with foreign partners. Among the jobs you can find announcements about the search head of legal department of the federal Construction Company (180 000-220 000 rubles), a lawyer-curator with foreign oil companies (up to 200 000 rubles), a lawyer of international law in the Russian industrial holding company (250 000 – 300 000 rubles). And the job does not limited to Moscow – offer, in addition to the capital suggest the -Mansiysk, Ekaterinburg, etc. There is no stability, and among freelancers. Some offer their services at a cost of 300 rubles per hour, while others estimate their time in ten times higher. In this case, the fee may be calculated on the basis of individual projects, as well as cooperation for the month (an average of 25 000-40 000, but there are suggestions of 150 000 rubles).