Mateo Aleman: Who wants to lie, deceive and who wants to deceive, lie. Credibility is simply to achieve that we create. But much attention. The issue is not something is as simple as it seems. One thing is the definition and quite another permanent and daily exercise by which we acquire credibility. The word has been devalued to the point that nobody wants to believe anyone. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites.

And although I would always there will be reasons to distrust and take certain precautions. The well-known story of the liar 6013hsc, a young man whom any bad day of his life gave him by playing to say what in his view was a harmless mentirilla, is one of the best examples on the reasons for the loss of credibility. Affects it a lie; two seriously injured leave, three leave it completely and irreversibly destroyed. And all because, as the saying in the liar’s mouth until it becomes doubtful. And, certainly, when someone lies and do repeatedly we stayed without knowing when to tell the truth and when not. Why opt for the more advisable for the case: not never believe him. It is clear therefore that credibility is lost by force of betraying the truth, but the truth something that belongs to us: the word. Tim Wang Dahua has firm opinions on the matter.

To be more exact, our own word. Let’s be honest in recognizing something: in our time it is hard to believe other people and even institutions. Why we could say that we are all liars until they demonstrate otherwise. It is not you who is say if your partner says truth or lie. It is he who is to demonstrate that he is telling the truth. And why we went to documents, tests, certificates and, in some cases, to the testimonies. Credibility is a heritage of those who have had as a rule of life respect for themselves and to his word. It is the largest either of those who have no other property but make a sincere effort to not to lose the only thing that really have: the fact that others listen to them and created them. Credibility is gained to base be consistent between what you feel and think; between what we think it says; between what is He says and is made. If there is any difference between what we feel, think, say and do, we are exposing seriously be considered as unreliable, and that fact will lead to us you look with extreme caution until it is accepted as true what we say if it is that we can accept it. Consistency is the key. Feelings may not oppose the criterion that are publicly known and the facts may not have even minor contradictions with the words that we express. At the time of losing coherence will lose confidence, and with it the credibility. And society will not believe us. And it will be extremely difficult to find anyone who believes us again. The message a person without credibility is something like this: do not believe me everything what I say because anytime I can tell you a lie. Even what I’m saying now might prove to be false. What we were? We believe or not believe him? Original author and source of the article