Crisis Variantprodolzh

Organization of cottage village post-crisis variant.Prodolzhenie. Marketing research contribute to the promotion of sales in the market. Here, marketers analyze all the factors of influence on future sales of the object real estate. These include – pricing cottage settlement method, as there competitors in any price sale, now does not work. Identify the target audience who will buy, a list of demands of the future buyer, and so these points are important dalee.Vse on pre-investment stage.

Consultants, the costs of marketing research and analysis in the future will bear fruit. It is better to pre-investment stage to all of these activities than to sit in the woods and wait to start selling. Any ultimate goal of building the cottage settlement – earning money. And this should not refuse. Positioning the country settlements, rather listen to the radio wave, when the air flashed advertising some of the valley, which immediately causes the brain to a certain image. This is precisely the moment when, rabotaeteffektivno job of branding agency. Project work – everything is as usual, only a small nuance, why not our builders ispolzut methods of project management during construction obhektov property.

The result is evident – this object delivery in the autumn two thousand eight, and customers get the keys, the fall of two thousand and ten. Small Business Finance Exchange addresses the importance of the matter here. Why Work Project Management Institute, has remained aloof from our developers? Let us turn to the foreign market. Stage of construction is subject to strict Standards Project menedmenta Institute. Project Management Institute (PMI) standards for project management, kotgda regulated and monitored strictly all the terms of the project, all project costs and resources. The system of "smart house" it is available for cottage construction technology, which in the mass does not increase the cost of building the project, and in moving the market will play a factor which increases sales. Country village should be useful for consumer, the consumer can live year round in the cottage, without discomfort. Developed infrastructure should also be consistent with its design and positioning, details on the case. Luxury villas and cheap hovel for the staff – now does not work. Quality cottage village is laid with the project documentation, the business plan for the future of the project. So let's begin to build truly Comfortable suburban housing, so that you can not just sell it, but to live by and not be ashamed.