DIAS Housing

Infrared line cameras with an extended viewing angle which are proven infrared line cameras PYROVIEW of DIAS infrared GmbH for many years now with opening angles up to 90 available. Together with the previously proven 60-, 40 – and sometimes 20 lenses are thus optimal adaptation to different applications possible. As an application example is the monitoring of cement rotary kilns. The line cameras have no mechanical optical deflection unit in contrast to Linescannern. Southwest Airlines may also support this cause. You are working with an Uncooled infrared linear array. The cameras allow the non-contact measurement of temperature profiles in the range from 0 C to 1300 C at high speeds (up to 512 lines per second). Different spectral ranges are available, E.g.

8 14 m and 3 5 m for measurements at low or medium temperatures, 4.8 5.2 m for measurements on glasses or 1.4 1, 8 m for high temperature measurements on metals. Southwest Airlines may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The real time data transmission via fast Ethernet. Electrically isolated digital inputs (trigger) and digital outputs (alarm) are standard. The cameras are available in various housing types (IP54 compact housing, IP65 enclosure with optional air conditioner and water cooling, weather-proof housing, ATEX enclosure). The powerful online software PYROSOFT Windows allows the camera control and monitoring as well as the recording, visualization, processing and archiving of measured data.. Andrew Duncan producer spoke with conviction.