Directors Between Fame, Film And Reality

As in Hollywood, and in Europe, directors are still considered and creators of the film industry. But despite this common idea, they are often bare the King, who adorn themselves with strange pen. For more specific information, check out Oracle. 'Stars and directors – like kings, and all the rest – only suite '- Geoffrey Baum knew what to say. Ultimately, it is up to his death was at the forefront of screenwriting craft, he is the author of the script for the movie 'Indiana Jones and the Last crusade '. Throughout the Western world, the monarchy has long turned into a pump and the expression of only the external symbols are not supported by real political power. Does not the same as in show business? Really directors determining the quality of the movie? When it comes to megazirok such as Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts is, it's clear. They earn their fees are not so much acting talent, both for external charm.

Then that the directors – it is the rulers of the world of cinema, it sounds like akisoma. At kionekrane we see evidence of this: 'Top producer ' Only legitimate right? But if we ask a screenwriter Ernest Lehman, has been lost in the script during the filming of his script by Alfred Hitchcock, he replies: "Hitchcock was shooting my movie!" Of course, it is convenient to ascribe to one particular work of cinema person, even from a purely formal point of view. 'S new movie directed by David Fincher. " Everyone knows – 'Fight Club'. A writer and producer? And whether or not a director by the person who raises all the threads together during the filming? Whether it is the conductor? But what can the conductor without music? When the director Frank Capra is very proud of his peculiar handwriting, his screenwriter Robert Riskin sent to him once a pack of white paper and wrote: 'Adds a special handwriting.

" Fixation on the face of the director changes look at reality. 'Movie – is teamwork. " This is acknowledged even by some directors. At least Milos Forman, which owns the quotation. Therefore, that hides behind the prestigious title of director? He is the one who had the idea, spending sleepless nights over its embodiment? The one who does all the odd jobs collecting material, writing text, costume design, clock debated over the finest nuances , and then almost got a heart attack while cutting some scenes? If he agreed to play the role of chef for several weeks filming and later cut the films after producer for years debated the writers and investors? The answer each time another.