Electricity Feed-in Tariff And Huhnertstall

lawyer immediately informed about new jurisprudence of feed-in tariffs for electricity from “exclusively or on a building installed” photovoltaic panels the increased electricity feed-in tariff to the renewable energies Act is there only if the photovoltaic systems on or in a building are attached. These include but not such constructions, whose supporting structure that is designed to carry solar modules, but serve as a shelter for chickens. The construction related by the applicant served exclusively as a structure for the solar modules and should give the impression that it was contactor huts for the love chickens. The Federal Supreme Court has joined in this opinion. Buildings within the meaning of the renewable energy law are only those who are able to carry their own structural the solar plants on.

The building must be as a carrying framework the main thing of the plant to be on it or it depends on its stock. Office Tip: If a photovoltaic system attach for the increased feed-in tariff will, make sure beforehand whether the building meets the requirements of this law. In case of doubt you must consult. You should document in writing the advice. Federal Court ruling of October 29, 2008 VIII ZR 313/07