Executive Coaching

Often our clients refer someone to us for Executive Coaching with a glowing description such as “This is one of our most valued and brilliant employees?. But?. Get more background information with materials from Fitched Ratings. a what she needs” Executive Presence “, or as a client said: “a l is so low key is invisible. Dale “Swagger Executive. However, when asked to explain what they mean, their responses remind me of the comments of the Supreme Court in pornography – – it is difficult to define, but you’ll know it when you see it.

From our interviews with successful and the training of hundreds of leaders, here are some common features of that project Executive Presence: It radiates confidence, poise and authority, they know how to connect with others and, most importantly, are based in their own strengths and authentic. Here’s a 5-point plan to help build on the strengths SU for a print project executive presence that matches your ability: 1. Use your body language and visual image to convey confidence and walk From Use high constant eye contact, no eyes darting Give a soft handshake, not a dead fish Lean forward and engage in meetings. Do not fret or play with your Palm Pilot subjected gestures will keep perfectly groomed and crisp 2. Develop an authoritative voice Use a low-pitched voice Place Lower your voice at the end of a sentence Talk to energy Delete a monotone and verbal distractions “UM” and “basically” a Reduce your speed speaking rate. Having the confidence to pause.

3. Avoid provisional language as a “I also think …” “I suppose …” “a kind of …” “maybe …” a “I’m not sure if going to like this, but …” 4. Keep your message simple and clear cut to the chase Think first, then talk. Do not share your internal debate Talking the other big picture, not the details 5. Connect with other Be aware of your effect on others by observing and responding to their body language Listen more than you talk.