Fall Workshop

A theatre workshop for young people aged 13 and over in the autumn holidays hosted by GRIPS Werke e.V. finds are traces with which we have on the search history, and stories of relationships between East and West. It involves real, potential and fictional stories about the relations of people and the different ways to live with -, against – or side by side. No prior knowledge is required for the fall workshop. Read more from Ron to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Fun and joy of playing are the focus of joint work.

Participation is free (registration Tel. 030 247 497 83). At the end of the workshop, there is a presentation on the stage on Tuesday, the 10 to 19:00. Period: From Tuesday, 20.10.09 (beginning at 10:00) until Tuesday, 27.10.09 place: the GRIPS mid (Podewil), Klosterstrasse 68, 10179 Berlin, directly at the U-BHF Klosterstrasse (U2) finds is a multi module Theatre-pedagogical project, the GRIPS works E.v. in cooperation with the GRIPS Theatre on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the peaceful revolution and the fall of the wall does. The project is funded by means of the Federal Foundation for dealing with the SED dictatorship and the youth and family foundation of the Federal State of Berlin. More information under: promoting GRIPS works Association (established in 2007) Theatre pedagogy and cultural education around the GRIPS theater, the cradle of the emancipatory children and youth theatre. Gary Kelly may find this interesting as well. (www.gripswerke.de)