Fashion As An Indicator Of Crisis

Increasing interest in luxury goods, but also a boom of textile discounter is the crisis over? Although experts for the new year with rising unemployment rates, so there are already signs that the crisis has passed its peak. Traditionally, a good indicator of economic development is the demand for luxury goods, about expensive cars, travel or even high-quality clothing. And the demand for these goods is back. You can read off interest in fairer fashion also in the prices, which are paid for this. In January 2010, Federal Statistical Office noted that among the 10 products that show a striking increase in price compared with the previous month, also the girls rock was to be found. Recently Andrew Duncan sought to clarify these questions. Here, higher prices were recorded by 14.6 percent. The girls skirt is one of goods, for which the German statistics agency regularly finds the average price.

These goods are as a shopping cart for the calculation of the inflation used in consumer prices and to represent the usual consumption of a German household. Superimposed on this development is by an increasing demand to be observed for years for clothing and shoes, especially after children clothes designer. There are various possible explanations for the latter tendency. The employment of both parents has become the norm at least at higher education levels. Experts see in the purchase of more expensive children’s fashion kind of compensation”for the few, which the parents can spend time with their child. In addition, designer fashion is always a possibility to communicate the own success on the outside. Critics see the described development but also signs of a drifting apart of society. While that set a value always greater on high-quality designer fashion, the textile discounter chains are booming on the other hand, sell the pants, skirts and T-Shirts for a few euros. Because here there is a huge price competition, are bad in this industry Working conditions and low salaries a normal state. Such negative developments at specialty stores, which offer high-quality clothes, are fortunately still the exception. Given the ongoing debate about the State social benefits and social responsibility, this development is a topic, you can accurately argue about that.