Gasser Picture

They can be for antibodies hot IgG and cold antibodies IgM. IgG (80%) Picture clinical Pallor, jaundice and esplenomegalia. Directed the GAC of lcus rh, idioptica, lpus, linfomas. LLC, here of ovrio, ulcerativa colite, I diagnosis Laboratoriais Reduction of the Hb and Hc, reticulocitose, policromasia, esferocitose, normoblastos, leucocitose, neutrofilia, plaquetofilia of Rouleoux of hemcias, Coombs D and I (positive). Plasmaferese treatment, corticides, esplenectomia. IgM (20%) Picture Clinical paroxstica Hemoglobuminria the cold. Directed GAC I of eritrcitos, infectious idioptica, linfomas, mononucleose, pneumonia for micoplasma. I diagnosis Laboratoriais IgM-C3? hemcias ( policromasia, esferocitose, rouleoux of hemcias, hemoglobinria.

Treatment Light (hot gloves, stockings and clothes), Chronicles (plasmaferese) fetal Eritroblatose (IgG) clinical Picture acute Hemlise, jaundice, coombs I (+), Serious hemoglobinria, normoblastos: intrauterine death. Fetal Hisdropzia and encefalopatia of bilirubin (Kernieterus) Exossangunea Treatment, plasmaferese. ANEMIA HEMOLTICA MACROANGIOPTICA Anemia that can occur in submitted individuals the cardiac cirugias in which had been implanted valves of Hfnagel, of Starr – Edward or prtese badly placed that causes spalling of the eritrcitos. Picture clinical and I diagnosis Laboratoriais Anemia of changeable degree, 1 10% of fragmented eritrcitos (esquizcitos and queratcitos) in estirao sanguineous, policromasia, reticulocitose, hipocromia (in case that it has hemoglobiminria or hemossiderinria). Treatment In this case operating again. ANEMIA HEMOLTICA MICROANGIOPTICA Anemia that occurs due abnormalitys of the walls arteriolares and daily pay-capillaries that lead to the disruption of the endotlio and the staple fibre deposition that causes lise of the eritrcitos. Picture Clinical trombtica tombocitopenica Ppura, Syndrome of Gasser, sudden Prpura, Septicemia, adenocarcinomas of (it suck, stomach and prostate). Vasculite to arteriolar Diagnostico Laboratoriais Anemia changeable degree with anisopecilocitose for esquizcitos and the times microesfercitos.

Treatment Illness of base. Tratra coagulation to intravascular it spread and in the cases of intense hemlise becomes fullfilled eritrocitrias transfusions. TALASSEMIAS heterogeneous Group of hereditary anemias that in common possess a quantitatively deficient synthesis of the chains Alpha () and Beta () of tetrmero of hemoglobina the normal one (2 2).