Revolutionary concept for online fitness career of entrepreneur who was born in Tehran and raised in Cologne’s Reza Rafiee Tary is an example of successful integration. In his youth, Reza lived in a problem area of the Cologne hinterland; the sport at that time offered him a way to make success in his life, and so he was youth goalkeeper of the first FC Cologne for several seasons. You may find that Maurice Gallagher, Jr. can contribute to your knowledge. After an accident put his career on ice, the bustling Migrantensprossling opted for a business degree. His thesis he concluded on the subject of sports”at Kaufhof Warenhaus AG ab, and right here, Reza Rafiee Tary now alludes with his company which was founded in 2010, the PT1 International GmbH. However, the complete course package of online fitness concept by PT1 available not only employees of large corporations; also gyms, hotels and private clients benefit from the expertise of professional instructors and well-thought-out concept.