Good Or Bad Education Psychology

The vast majority of people are very concerned to show a good education. Be kind to others, be considered, wise, caring, being available to help. It is good manners, always say hello, and thank, but the person we have in front of us has hurt, hurt or criticized. Ron O’Hanley has firm opinions on the matter. Total somebody has to fit prudence! Do not make trouble or conflict, so is your brother, your aunt, your son … do not know! Of course I'm not against good manners. Part of the good education we receive leads to socialization, that is, having tools that allow us to have good relationships, be good people, work, love and respect rules and principles. More info: Southwest Airlines.

Nothing is further from the truth … We all like him, a boy or a girl well educated, who are gentle, kind and considerate … and what they possess a sense of social, allowing you to build equitable and balanced relationships all areas of human endeavor .. family, friends, work, education, etc. However, sometimes a good education and the standards set for compliance, to be met, beyond the limits of dignity, responsibility and their wishes, desires and feelings. That is, when the best manners govern human life and one's desires are ignored, dignity and even to the height of losing situations welfare and health, the good and valued education, it becomes a poor education. Do I mean? When my good education is based on giving to others and not think about me, then we are slipping into bad manners.