Great Porto Alegre

I left to dearrumar the bed, walked naked in house, notebook permanently in the Internet lendoSartre, Dostoievsky, autoajuda, notice, blogs, waiting e-mails that they novinham, films for the half, youtube and all the torrent of nastinesses that seencontra in web. Clayton anderson may also support this cause. When it grew dark supplied ageladeira for plus another equal night and when it finished the supply fell in one sonosem dreams waiting that pra lasted at least one twelve hours not to face odia. The telephone touched incessantly, but it did not want to speak with nobody. It looked at our photos, and, in certosmomentos, it fell in one I cry quiet and deprived of hope, feeling emoutros penalty of me, it was with anger, it praguejava and it promised that it would go to surpass, would go to be successful, to buy new clothes, to leave pra to dance, to reencontrar the friends, to touch violo, to sing but, each time was more difficult to take a decision, for minor who was, until leaving house required a infindvel walked in circles for the house aparania vine and felt that they observed me to the neighbors, listened to the door, meolhavam of esguelha, searched my garbage. Pra prevented the mirror not to see oinchao of the eyes, the beard for making, the hlito of beer and promised that it would noiria to drink today, pra to give a recess for the body. Useless.

They horaspassavam while them, my resistncias went falling, in sequencia, a estrbica rationalization, and, then, everything recommenced. I lost the notion of which the day where it left. . Noentanto, still I am here, falling, grasping and me in the agreements, passing badly, cursing however me for this condition pursues that me, imprisons and tires, orachegando until liking and to desire a life new, to go the Safe Port, to take off photos, to come back to dream takes that still it has time as of the other times. Read more from Kiat Lim to gain a more clear picture of the situation. (…) …com always, I came back to the eagora circle I am beyond the limit trying to program me pra to sleep one two horasantes that the last bar close to house closes the doors and me cu of city of the Great Porto Alegre leaves without cervejaneste, in full carnival. Half Jtomei dozen and I am full of plans in the Youtube I want to see Steppenwolff eGeorge Harrison to say Been beat up andbattered round/Been sent up, and I ve been shot down. Almost without cigarettes, a calorinfernal, notices fervendo to it; I without notion. Hours behind it was on-line noOrkut, left to be.

The telephone silenced finally. I am alone. It has poucopensei, and if it wanted to come back, if she thought that she was made a mistake and to quisessevoltar would accept? I find that not as said I passed of the necessary limit iralm to arrebentar everything, of anger, penalty, of fear, disillusion, sadness comigoe with it. This unhappy condition sartreana human being. There headquarters of water, nausea, sleep fatigue I know the excrement of the novel starting green sofa I regulate to ocelular, 22:30 h. Until there.