Healing Network

Relationship with the Network of Healing – it is working with the energy of the coordinate network, also called the Healing Network. This energy chain, probably has been forever, or it was forgotten, or else was never opened. It Energy Network of Light, which can support us on our spiritual path. Experiments show that people who were aligned, a connection to the network are experiencing many changes to positive. They learn to observe themselves to recognize the negative emotions and thoughts, learn to transform them and then release. What really happens during a session with the Network, almost indescribable. For each all individually.

What may happen after these sessions, if we allow this to happen, are as follows: This relationship aligns our own network of Light Since the earth wrapped coordinate energy network, we have, people, there is also, perhaps, its own grille. But for the most part we are not aware that each has its own network of Light. This network is full of our units, whether emotional or mental disorders. All of this reflected in various areas of our lives. All de, using the Network of Healing, a private network of Light may again be aligned and fixed, and therefore, we can quickly develop spiritually, if we really admit it. True to this internal readiness necessarily required. It works on emotional and mental levels. After alignment and connection, we find, gradually, we creates our world and our thoughts dependence on our emotions, and also we can change this way.