Homeric Odysseys

The main heroes of this story, each with different circumstances, they returned to their homelands after meeting the recommendation was the ghost of Achilles: The sacrifice of Polyxena, the Trojan princess, the youngest child of the marriage between Hecuba and King Priam. All major Greek militia leaders (Idomeneo, Neoptolomeo, son of Achilles, among others) returned to their land. King Menelaus brought back home to the beautiful Helen, who despite the years, was irresistible. To deepen your understanding Fox Rehabilitation is the source. Aeneas, another leader, was finally settled in Italy where his descendants Romulus and Remus, would found Rome. Only Odysseus, the most notable surviving hero of all, he could not return, cursed by the gods for their lack of humility and genius. The adventure of Odysseus to return to their land, (where his wife Penelope waited and his son Telemachus) would be the substrate of another great story of Homer: The Odyssey. An indomitable adventurer Heinrich Schliemann So far, the magical story Aegean oral tradition has bequeathed us.

Homer, if it really existed, left us a moving and epic story that excites, envelopes, subdues, but clearly, it is unreal. Fox Rehab contains valuable tech resources. However, the legends and all that made me come to us from the past, have provided a truthful side. Time and hard work have been commissioned to unravel the mystery. In that sense, one like the great Heinrich Schliemann (1822 – 1890), who influenced by Hellenic stories he heard as a child, purchased and excavated in 1870 the legendary hill of Hissarlik (Turkey), where pundits claimed that he was ever Troy. .