Applications in the urban areas, agricultural and enterprise in question, come being carried through for diverse organizations. In this monograph some sets of pointers for evaluation of ambient support will be presented directed toward the enterprise area, with emphasis in the industry of the oil and national gas. 3.1. For more information see Mona Breed. General objective To determine pointers to promote the support ambient, also Considering the implantation of ISO 14001 in the UNAP/international Sanantonio of similar Brazil to become it more solid and apt to compete with other equally terceirizadas companies in the Brazilian petroliferous market. 3.1.2. Objective (s) I specify (s)? To consider the implantation of ISO 14001 in the company in question; To make solid the company being left apt to compete with equality with excessively; To firm if in the petroliferous market focando mainly in area NE of Brazil. 4.

Hypothesis Some companies are going of meeting to the direction of the sustainable development, however, she has few quantitative pointers to measure its performance and few companies have the practical one to publish reports of enterprise support. Advantages for companies exist who more quickly want to be pro-active and if to insert in new markets. It is possible to consider improvements in what he is being carried through for the companies with respect to ambient support, social and economic. The pautadas ambient questions to the activities of the industry had acquired an increasing value, from them finish decades, affecting categorically the life of the companies. The collection of a sustainable environment e, therefore the guarantee of the quality of life, exceeded the borders and today establishes condition of importance to the national and international commerce. Lately the companies suffer many pressures to manage and to improve its ambient performance, changedding itself into a basic question for the businesses. collections leave of consumers who are abdicating to the considered products ambiently harmful, motivating new attitudes in relation to the job of productive processes, without affecting the environment in such a way, guaranteeing, its commercialization, of the schools through the dissemination of the ambient education and the legal and normative collections that compel the organizations to follow programs of ambient management that they guarantee the competitiveness, and its proper survival.