Most infections in the early developing alike. Treat the common cold alone is dangerous to health. SARS can be confused with other infectious diseases. We must learn to distinguish colds from others infectious, such as hepatitis, rubella, herpes, etc. All SARS have mandatory set of symptoms. First. Fever.

The temperature can be very high or subfebrile (37 degrees with a slight tail). But in almost all colds, it happens. Second. Intoxication. Viruses, or rather their waste products are toxic to the human body.

So cold and there are typical symptoms of poisoning: dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness. Third. Catarrhal symptoms. It happens with any cold virus infections. This is a runny nose, swelling and redness of the throat, accompanied by pain, as well as cyanosis (ie, cyanosis). Well, since viruses provoke colds and the symptoms it is very similar, then treat these diseases is almost the same. But first, is to say a few words about the regime. In the fight against respect the common cold is very important. AT&T CEO has much to offer in this field. It includes the complete isolation of the patient from others. If you do not succeed, and relatives still have to be with the patient, then it must required to wear a gauze bandage. It is worn only for 3-4 hours, after which it must be washed and ironed with a hot iron. In addition the patient must comply with bed rest, before a meal to remember to wash hands, use only individual dishes (after which it must boil) and often aired room. It would seem – as old as time. And about all those moments all the regime has long been known. But a strange thing – very few people observe them. Not just doctors faced with surprising carelessness of people: the doctor comes into the bathroom, and there hangs a towel – for the whole family! And everyone knows that in most cases the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets and by household. Through the same towel. As for treatment, it is, of course, prescribed by the physician. But even before the arrival of the patient may begin to be treated yourself. In the self-treatment includes several procedures. First. Drink plenty of water: Mineral water, tea, juice – anything. The more diverse the better. In addition, it is desirable to drink something warm (but not boiling, of course), sweet with a lemon or vitamin C. Second. There is no better means of cough than the hot milk. In it can be added at the request of a little mineral water or honey. Third. If there is fever, no need to rush it down. Antipyretic drugs should be taken after 38.5 degrees. Because the temperature gives a signal that the body actively produced by defense cells against the virus. By lowering the temperature, we thus reduce the body's defenses. These are the basic techniques of treatment. The rest will appoint a physician. Just do not forget to call him at home. Because colds easily be confused with other infections: meningitis, hepatitis (A or B), mumps, erysipelas … These diseases are also spread by droplet infection and in the beginning, they appear identical. A then, each develops its own way. The most important thing – to be able to tell them apart in order to properly heal. Tatiana Resin, specifically for