Mamor Jav

' ' In the Oak deMamor Jav appears the Abrao, that was seated in the entrance of the tent in the maiorcalor of the day. Having raised the eyes, it saw three men close to it of foot; deimediato, ran of the entrance of the tent to the meeting of them, was prostrou for land. It said: I ask for to you, mine Sir (1), if I found favour your eyes, passes together did not doteu in service without lingering itself. A little is brought d' water, I will wash you the feet, vosestendereis under the tree, will bring a piece of bread and you will comfort the coraoantes to go more far. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of baby clothes on most websites. The three had said to it: ' ' You make you said as it. After eating, they had asked the Abrao: Where she is your woman, Sara.

Respondeuele: It is in tenda' '. In the next year I will come back (1) you; then yours filho&#039 will mulherter one; '. Sara listened to the colloquy and was laughed at the proposal of the guest, saying: ' ' I will still have pleasure, now that I am old and I left to have quetm the young women, and mine Sir also is old? Jav said the Abrao: Why if Sara laughs saying: now that I am old, will be truth that I will give to the light? Perhaps it has something of so wonderful for Jav? In this station, in the next year, I will come back and Sara will have a son. Having itself raised, (3) the men had left. Jav said: ' What I go to make, I will occult the Abrao, since will become powerful, great nation, for it will be benditas all the peoples land? I chose therefore it paraque commands its children and to its house after it that they keep to the way deJav, they practise justice and the right; thus, Jav will make what it promised Abrao' '. .