Mommy Parents

Monika and Martin Nyenstad have not brought two books on the market to MOM”by Monika Nyenstad, tells how to in a Western country like Denmark is accepted and tolerated child abuse, such as children are left by the authorities in the lurch. It portrays of the fainting, seen necessarily as a father, when it recognized that the own child with the biological mother of hell and that nobody cares about. “” Under the guise of authorities, creches and judges kids become daily victims, fathers to perpetrators, because they fight for, and their children, because the right of the child to parents is a deeply feminine and because for many workers, “the worst mother is still better than the father!” Because the right of the child to parents is part of various conventions, it seems to be legitimate but that the father here is ignored. “Because the thing” child may be traded very emotion, even if to female aggression against the child set. Not to Mommy”, clearly descriptive manner, that it is no longer to deprive children their father’s time. It shows that fathers would be quite able to protect their children, as they should, that fathers are not the poor mothers, but unique in their role and their role model effect. The martyrdom of two children wants to shock with descriptions of the fact and way back a system where father and mother are far from equal. Enriched with original documents is not MOM”to forgive a tragic illustration of why mothers with State backing are capable and to deny their love system fathers tries like that and openly question them when you because finally it is ready, the mother of the abuse” not to Mommy!, ISBN: 978-3-8370-3010-5 the pain of childhood “by Martin Nyenstad, documented the ordeal of a child, in an environment full of addiction, anxiety and permanent existential threat grow up.

It’s a shocking tale of a daily struggle for survival, a lost childhood. Apparently is experiences reported that demand an autonomy of a child, which it is not grown, threatens to break it. In an emotional way, the author tells of his painful childhood, visits by loan sharks, social workers and the police in your own home. A supposed protection zone, which should be as such basis for a worry-free growing, endangered every day anew because the drug is alcohol. The book makes clear how traumatic is growing up in an alcohol-filled environment.

It portrays the daily existential fears, those children exposed to unprotected by the enormous loyalty conflict that inevitably arises, because undoubtedly these children love their parents about everything. Due to the vulnerability and dependency of their parents, children excuse the behavior of their parents, take the blame for it on himself. It is a lonely, lost struggle for daily survival, these children to take. The pain of childhood is seen through the eyes of a child”hope and salvation at the same time. It is a sad certainty, that it is not an isolated case, but despite all despair and inner is split not too late still to live his own life. It encouraged to throw off the ballast of the past and to come, to try to save his own children suffering this kind, precisely because of the pain of childhood is an unforgettable, the intensity of which but eventually subsides and despite can also accommodate a full life. The pain of childhood, ISBN: 978-3-8370-2806-5