The seconds that came loading the delight of a real meeting were as soon as woke up in the nights of deliriums. Sensation that gave was that everything already was planned, was pra to happen, as if everything had written, our future was written? Our inexplicable nights, as to explain? The world turned, but my direction was alone one, to look in the eye of it and the small fast gesture, to catch in the hands and to fly pra a parallel universe where it existed: of the bodies, two souls, two to be entirely ready for the desire is delivered to it, to the pleasure of a passion. Certain night, I and it pass vary hours more talking and if knowing more and. The more seconds passed, but I got passionate myself! Ahead of as many words, in the end of a pleasant night, a phrase created form, why the feeling already had despertado; Love I you! Majestical either the love, the world fell down e, created a new world, our world! Where all possible age. To live already is not more the same without the affection, the sensations, the fear.

It is the fear, fear to lose this skillful fancy of our story of fairy. Months It knows that sensation that nor everything you the perfect one? Then, this was the direction of the order of namoro! One day of these where you wake up inhaled and think, I go to ask for the woman of my life in namoro, a step pro engagement, pro marriage, at last to the eternity. Credit: MasterClass Founder-2011. But you nor dream that you go to receive as reply, not. Then you prepare the day all, thinking that everything goes occurs well, crossed fingers, but in the end you feel the frustration Nothing he moved, our love was being stronger, but close to the reality it world, reality that was in catching to the few the e, without preparation none, in the handle of surprise and makes with that the feelings if rebelled in the case, my feelings, with the situation that we were there: We were not boyfriends, we were not ficantes; because unhappyly its mouth never kisses; we did not have word to distinguish what we were.