Other Loves

Other Loves – perhaps I suffer badly from one deriving one of the plagues, of needy pains, are not of this world, the direction that I lost between colors. Doctor hears: – The months I do not breathe, my eyes, such as they were, they are not more, and I repeat: it wants to save me, therefore already story the days. fer in this field. Official site: MasterClass. – Already I lost the taste of these gostos, had been, it does not have as to explain, and if it depended on these as many faces, to one of them, corava the ways. – And I cry, as I cry doctor, when listening a certain name, and when seeing certain hair, listening certain steps, already I lost the man direction? – Expensive gentleman, listens what I go to speak to it, not meeting in sciences of doctor, yours cure, only hears without disagreeing, you suffers badly from one tremendous one, one badly that few dare, you suffers, son, of the evil of the Love, most hideous and insolente badly to love.