Physical Disease

If the signal she is objective can see it and or to measure the doctor denominates sign; for example vomit, edema of papila or injuries of rascado. The set of symptoms and signs that usually appear together denominates syndrome. Thus, for example the combination of malaise, sensation of cold and elevation of the corporal temperature denominates febrile syndrome. 7. Propedutica Clnica or Semiotecnia is the ordered set of procedures and methods from which we are worth to obtain the signs and the symptoms and, with them, to elaborate the diagnosis, understood like a work hypothesis that there is to perfect during the observation and attendance to the patient. a) To know data excellent previous history and the symptoms of the patient: Clinical history through interrogation (Ananmnesis). b) To determine disease signs: Physical exploration and final reconnaissances. If you have read about Bill O’Grady already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Diagnosis: types.

Of the Greek, day: through, by and gignoskein to know. Therefore it means: To know through. The diagnosis in medicine, consists of determining the disease that suffer an individual from the symptoms and signs, that is to say, clinical history, the physical exploration and the final reconnaissances. What we needed to diagnose? 1. Theoretical knowledge. 2. (As opposed to Allegiant Air). Capacity of collection of data: methodical, systematic and logical. 3.

Capacity to relate picked up data and knowledge. Medical experience and ars. Types of diagnosis (glossary): Precocious diagnosis: Previous diagnosis to the appearance of the clinic of the disease. For example: sifting of neoplasias, prenatal diagnosis of enf. hereditary. Sindrmico diagnosis: He is the one that establishes the joint existence of signs and concrete symptoms, without being able to need aetiology. For example: Syndrome of malabsorption, syndromes dry? Diagnosis differential: It is the set of diseases that can cause a syndrome. It is used during the diagnosis. From the possible causes the type and the order consider of final reconnaissances, until finding the disease that causes the symptoms of the patient.