Portuguese Country

No longer Brazil, if gave for the association of the national elites, the agricultural aristocracy, with Portuguese prince, organizing a monarchy. Valley to stand out, that this aspect allowed that the First Reign consolidated independence under the predominance of the aristocracy, without the participation of the majority of the Brazilian population. However, with the crown of D.Pedro in December of 1822, officializing the monarchic regimen, its reign was not calm, therefore insatisfao of the country despertou to a large extent. The internal, resultant conflicts of the acceptance of the imperial authoritarianism if had not spread for the streets of the Brazilian cities. In the truth, the First Empire was a period of great violence politics. D. Peter was an superauthoritarian governor, who did not admit critical, pursued its opponents politicians, she closed periodicals and she ordered to arrest and to kill. With such actions, the impopularidade of the emperor grew each time more, mainly in the interior of Minas Gerais, after the death in So Paulo of the journalist Liberates Badar.

Also north-eastern, mainly in Recife, Paraba Cear, added the economic difficulties and the revolutionary ideals. Separatista movement that was known as Confederation of the Equator. According to historian Claude Vicentino, the first country of the external recognition of independent Brazil had been the United States, therefore this condemned a recolonizadora European intervention in America, searching to reserve the promising Latin American markets for its businesses. England economically interested was the next one. At the same time where she was allied of Portugal, it served as mediating next to the Portuguese Cuts that fought for Brazilian independence. With certainty the objective of England when helping Brazil, with the loan to pay to indemnity Portugal, had interests diplomatists, economic and deals. With the opening of the ports and the renewal of the treated one to 1810, England would pay only 15% of customs tariff to commercialize its products in the country.