Professional Equipment

The very first appliance is to be released in 1976, started by German company Rational. Then it was brand new and technologically sophisticated equipment, which quickly captivated many chefs and has been a very demand. That is why today hundreds of companies worldwide producing appliance is for the professional kitchen. Appliance is – this was the "golden mean", which is so essential to any cook. Combining functions of a convection oven and steamer, appliance must allow to cook a delicious and juicy meat, fish, vegetables and other foods. Appliance is due to its unique functionality is capable of replace some of the kitchen heating equipment.

In the appliance is, you can: defrost, cooling, steam, fry, braise, bake, brezirovat, flamed. However, in spite of the breadth of opportunities to do appliance is only for professional kitchen will not work. So appliance is not available the functions of the microwave oven appliance is also impossible to prepare meals on charcoal or open fire. Preparation products parokonvekomate carried by convection of hot air and steam. And the function of the steam can be turned off if necessary. Appliance is constructed as follows: from the electric motor rotates Fan, around which a circle arranged heating elements. Due to this, the circulation of hot air in the internal volume appliance.

Pairs is obtained by applying water on blade the fan and spraying her with hot heating elements. Due to convection, internal volume appliance racks quickly and uniformly heated to the desired temperature, the maintenance of which is regulated by an integrated thermostat. It is important that the time for cooking in a convection hot air mixed with steam can be reduced to 60%. Cooking appliance is used in all standard gn sizes. The number and size of gn depend on the model chosen appliance. gn is not included in the package, they must be purchased separately. Appliance is available in firms that sell the equipment for restaurants and cafes. Is it worth the equipment (especially modern advanced models of computer-controlled and many additional features) is not cheap. Therefore, wishing to save some Restaurateurs want to buy appliance is second hand. Of course, such appliance is costing considerably less. And certainly this is a possible way for institutions experiencing some financial difficulties. But it is important to remember that such a seemingly cheap purchase can result in additional unforeseen repair costs. Therefore, better yet buy new equipment with a warranty. Thus, appliance is – a modern professional heating equipment for catering, which makes cooking convenient and fast.