Race Technologies

Trade compromising in all ages has been a lucrative business. Modern technology and more insistently to permeate our lives and it already seems that listening to and viewed every step. Camcorders haunt us at streets and subways, stores and offices are under round the clock surveillance. Number of firms that offer private detective services in Moscow alone, is already more than 30. They are about 2 thousand professional hunters other people's secrets. They are real pros! Spying has become their business, and, I must say, quite profitable. The battle for power, industrial espionage, fighting between rival factions, hot news in the life of the stars When we are talking about big money, invasion of privacy and business secrets provided! Now even ordinary housewives know that the phone – not the best way to conduct private conversations.

And what can we say about people who have the power or a substantial amount of money? Well armed and trained army of professionals is constantly improving the system of surveillance and how to penetrate the private lives of people. A huge variety of interesting development annually released into the market. Conventional wiretaps ("bugs microphones) had a great spread – can now listen to as you wish: through any wall, ceiling and roof. Signal bug transmitted over distances measured in hundreds of meters and battery life of the modern "bugs" can be up to several months. Often the "bugs" installed on telephone lines. There are methods, even do not require a "bite" into the wire-just place a "bug" with him.

Plays included as soon as the tube is removed. In addition, in the arsenal of detectives have a variety of means cctv. Rapidly spreading wireless video transmission, and the size of miniature cameras have no more than a match head. They are installed anywhere in minutes – and you are in your hand! Internet filled with spicy video-clip, and many pay good money for the so-called "amateur strawberry. Camera easily mounted in handbags, clothing, buttons, ties, in furniture, clocks, children's toys. Latest development put in place the camera in sunglasses, women's earrings, clips and rings. Very often the "bug" or minivideokamera are in business gifts: watches and wall clocks, pens, purse. Happy birthday, and unaware of the true purpose of such gifts and puts security business under a real threat. But is it possible to ensure the personal safety? How to protect yourself from illegal invasion of privacy? That offer market funds security for ordinary citizens who are not ready mentally, and often financially seek the help of expensive professionals by their own security? There are special devices – detectors "bugs". These so- called, "" which operate on the principle indication of the electromagnetic field and promptly respond to any wireless listening device: wireless microphones, hidden wireless cameras, mobile phone. Today we even learned to neutralize the record on the ubiquitous voice recorders! Suppressors of Dictaphone as a compact mini-noise generators to effectively protect the confidentiality of negotiations anywhere. Recently appeared on the market a product of Russian specialists in the field of military optics – a compact device-detector any hidden cameras. Careful preliminary examination of the premises for the Negotiating or rest with the help of this device ensures complete privacy and eliminates hidden video surveillance. The desire to know someone's secrets inherent in human nature itself, it is also natural desire of each to hide them. These two desires nerpreryvnom contradiction. But when it comes to private property, personal safety and security of loved ones – all good and you should not ignore the achievements of modern science and technology.