Rider Waite

The arcane greater VI of the tarot, the lovers, has, as expected, special significance in the tarot of love. But their interpretation changes, or at least acquire different nuances according to the type of tarot, or even to the harness chosen to make Chuck. In the Gypsy tarot, widely popularized harness Rider Waite chooses for this arcane a figure that represents, without a doubt, the triumph of love. In it, a couple meets finally after a long time to be sought. The meeting takes place in a beautiful garden which promises delights. All leads, then to interpret the appearance of this deck in Chuck as the portent of the coming of love to the life of the consultant.

A lasting happiness or to those who are already in couple. Something similar happens in the Celtic tarot, showing this arcane lovers already gathered to enjoy a green meadow while looking for freshness and the repair of the shade of a tree, central element for such a culture. In both cases, the happiness that is predicted is that of one who has found, finally, who complete it, its company, your comfort and your support. But if we come back to the Gypsy tarot and our harness by the more ancient, the tarot of Marseilles, the panorama changes. In it, the arcane VI teaches an indecisive young woman between 2 beautiful women. The scene opens the possibility of more mystical and least earthly interpretations: might be the need to choose between the pleasures of worldly life, and the harder but more satisfying journey of spiritual growth. For some tarot readers, this deck instead speaks of the need to choose between carnal and romantic couple’s love and love deeper and more lasting, as parents and children. Within the Egyptian tarot there is a notion of tarot of love as such, since the concept of love is, if you like, much more modern.

In it, the arcane VI is appointed the Indecision and raises indirectly the choice between worldly pleasures and spiritual life. And speaking of the need for a moral conscience that governs the acts and delivers certainty be doing the right thing, for that even if you prefer conjugal life on celibacy, opt in the full awareness that there are duties and obligations also to observe within this path. An interpretation that today we see distant and strange, but which must be understood in a context in which romantic love was still to be discovered.