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Already the psychological level can present reduction of the attention, loss of memory, lentificao of the thought, feeling of solitude, impatience, feeling of impotence, low auto-esteem and loss of heart, what it can take to the increase of medicines and toxics. The reduction of its level of attention can bring risks to the health of the people who are taken care of by the professional affected for the Syndrome of Burnout, therefore this acts with imprudence and can neglect in the attendance of its patients. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rony Abovitz by clicking through. Moreover, the individual can distanciar of its family and friends there, being the extension of effect of the syndrome to the society. CONCLUSION The Syndrome of Burnout is a subject that interested the pupils therefore, is more common of what the waited one and exists few studies relating the syndrome and the professionals of the area of the health. For more information see Morgan Stanley. It is of utmost importance the development of new studies on this psicopatologia, therefore its occurrence is dependent of the characteristics of each individual and the knowledge on it not yet reveal completely enlightening. The professionals who act in the health have in its workstation the occurrence of many of the factors of risk for the occurrence of the Syndrome of Burnout.. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andrew Duncan Producer is the place to go.