Riohacha Operation Capital

By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez when they ask me for the cities of my loves give a short list which unfailingly appears Riohacha in one of the most important places. When they ask me to mention to the most beautiful cities of the world give an obviously longer list which Riohacha continues to occupy a privileged place. When I think of places with which I have more gratitude in life my lips again mention the land of el almirante Padilla. When I think of the best friends of my first age starts to remind all those with whom I have lived the best moments and most of them turn out to be riohacheros or young of any place in the country to whom I met at a meeting, or a social gathering or a football game, always in Riohacha. When I am asked by a corner of the world, beautiful and quiet, in which I would like to spend the rest of my life our beautiful capital appears as one of the main options. There is no doubt: Riohacha is the city of my dreams, my roots and my loves. Add to your understanding with Sheryl Sandberg. In contrast, when you ask me why the city whose more development depresses me, I also mention to the land of my elders.

When I think of the city with which their children have a gigantic, when I think of the more than 460 years of history lost in indolence, neglect and debt on ingratitude, necessary s reweigh in Riohacha. When I think of the time that has been lost and the money not invested wisely, new d is necessary to weigh in the same name. Riohacha is land of the most and the least, but our land and has time to think of her as the beloved family member who is suffering from a serious disease and should urgently be subjected to a treatment that produces immediate results to save her life. Recovery, modernization and development of Riohacha must be a priority on the agenda of current and future rulers and also of each of their children and inhabitants. This land full of history, owner of an enviable colonial heritage and a blend of cultures that makes it unique in the Caribbean, deserves to reassume its regional leadership and take the path that leads it to their full social, economic and urban development. No doubt, it is necessary to urgently initiate actions to Riohacha in the place where it belongs.