Russian Federation

ZAO NPC ‘Computer Technology’ is the owner of fire safety certificate, obtained by mass-produced in 1992 set ‘TSENSOR’. The certificate confirms and reinforces the status of agriculture ‘TSENSOR’ as recognized the unique certificated security and monitoring, which guarantees its users not only technical but also legal security. Firefighter Certificate of agribusiness ‘TSENSOR’ issued May 18, 2010 UAB SPC ‘Computer Technology’ and extends fully to all hardware and software package, including all its component parts. This means that the security alarms and fire equipment, fire protection equipment alarm system (OPS) can be directly connected not only to the ASE-8E (monitoring device unattended objects), but also to other families of devices, such as boxing (unit of communication cables, and wells), and even to devices previous generations: ASE-60SL, BIC-8, etc. Furthermore, used to transmit signals channelized modules used to fix the normalization of the signal modules used for sensor power converters and more more – all well covered area of the Certificate. Customer no longer need to choose and purchase separate devices to ensure the legality of use in agriculture ‘TSENSOR’ OPS functions as agribusiness ‘TSENSOR’ certified the class ‘System message transmission on the penetration and fire and their constituent parts’ (STIs). ZAO NPC ‘Computer Technology’ confident that the certificate will be another important step development of agribusiness ‘TSENSOR’ in the direction of ‘onwards and upwards’, and for our valued members – a guarantee of security and peace of mind during the different levels of internal audits and external audits by regulatory bodies – Fire inspection, Komnadzora, engineering supervision, etc. ZAO NPC ‘Computer Technology’ is not the first time confirms the status and state inspection of manufactured equipment. Since 2005 our company has a Certificate of Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, since 2003 year – two complementary Certificate of Conformity of the Russian Federation, which together with certificate of Fire Safety does AIC ‘TSENSOR “unique monitoring system with the’ tripartite ‘certification.