Seminar Trojan Marketing

Trojan marketing is the new way to reach customers indirectly, for it but the more sustainable. Richard Anderson has firm opinions on the matter. This seminar on the 4th and 5th CHEC helps you to find your “Trojan horses” to reach the customers away from clogged channels of advertising sustainably. The additional workshop will help to reinforce the learned in the seminar and to better implement in everyday working life. Your personal benefit Trojan marketing is a new way to reach its target group low-cost and indirect way. This seminar helps you, your Trojan horses”to find, to reach the customers away from clogged channels of advertising sustainably. Milton Hershey School Careers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Get to know the theoretical foundations of this marketing principle and train each of your marketing questions with considered thinking,”to tackle and solve.

On the basis of numerous examples, learn how other companies have already Trojan principles applied and implemented in the market and develop strategies for your practice. Topics and content the theoretical foundations of the Trojan “” Marketing how you Trojan Trojan marketing at product introduction and product relaunch market products image and awareness increase the good mood Trojan use: joyful events use existing – templates take advantage as a Trojan horse Trojan marketing through cooperation benefits the Trojan map language “Dawos strategy” + Additionally bookable workshop learned to strengthen and better implement in their profession to participants entrepreneur, CEO of SMEs, Advertising and marketing managers, and executives in the fields of marketing, communication, advertising, direct marketing and sales / distribution. Dates and prices seminar: Thursday, December 4, 2008, price: 690,-(excl. 20% sales tax.) Workshop: Friday, December 5, 2008 seminar and workshop: 1.190,-(excl. 20% sales tax.) Venue Vienna, Vienna all suites module, Peter-Jordan-Strasse 78-80, 1190 Vienna speakers: bestselling authors novel Anlanger and Wolfgang A. Engel