Shakespeare Time

It arrived. For its surprise, sorridentecomo always. It explained that is dries to the telephone on account of the presence deseu head in the room. Also she explained that, for keeping in secrecy that friendship, she preferred to simulate unfamiliarity in the meeting that had occurred for not servtima of an interrogation on the part of its sister. It was happy with what he heard, however sad I obtain exactly. Not yet esempre learns to control its thoughts if it tortured with the worse conjecturas. But some promised quenunca exactly to itself more would take off precipitated conclusions of situation. It reiterated its feelings emrelao it.

Also he left clearly that he would not force nothing. That bigger that seusdesejos they were the affection and friendship that felt for it. That risk was not made use correro to lose special company that made to it so well and it provided momentosto to it. They had been hugged. It suavementetocou its lips in the lips of it.

It assented. It vibrated. He was the first time that it alcanavaalguma thing. Its soul flied to the seventh sky. It was a light reminiscncia of cenade Shakespeare. Barclays describes an additional similar source. Happyer house came back pra of quenunca and for the streets, for astonishment of the passer-bys, it declaimed in high voice: Of sincere souls the sincere union Nothing has that it hinders: love is not love If when it finds obstacles if it modifies, Or if vacila to the minimum fear. Love is a perpetual, dominant landmark, That it faces the storm with bravery; He is astro that it guides the nomadic candle, Whose value if ignores, back in the height. Love does not fear the time, much even so Its alfange does not save the youth; Love if does not transform hourly, Before is affirmed for the eternity. If this is false, and that he is false somebody proved, I am not poet, and nobody never loved. From to this it naturezapareceu it better day to it. The beans with usual rice lunchhed with taste. The finest Parecialhe of plates. The master never it seemed more amiable. Todasas people who found had face of excellent friends. Its life had setransformado. One was pleased with aquelesmomentos that passed with it. Fortuitous kisses obtained it. Not faziaplanos, but it did not leave to dream. He remembered of that Thomas Browne warranted that ossonhos they give them an idea of the excellency of the soul, since the soul is free docorpo and of the one to play and to dream! He dreamed in living long nights deamor, interminable days of affection, faith and understanding to the side of it. It dreamed to emviajar for its world, to know all its secrets and to carry through the dreams queela had. It dreamed in being reason so that it bought new clothes. Jque knows that thus the gotten passionate ones act. But its dreams were same nomundo of the dreams. Wise person and understood it situation. The time passed. More it elesse entrosavam. Plus it desired. But it saw that it was far apossibilidade of concretion of its dreams. But he was not unhappy therefore. Suapaixo already had moved of period of training. Today it was love. It exceeds already the Eros.Que love is romantic passion of the poets. With strong physical attraction and sexual desire. Hojeseu love was beyond Eros, also gape, that in Greek, altruism means, generosity. The devotion of it vinhasempre before its proper interest.