Skin And Immunity

We must not forget that main feed skin still gets the blood vessels that provide it to all fit and supply a path to the skin is immediate. And our task – to timely provide her with all the necessary elements. Skin needs to be regulators of immunity, because it protects us from the penetration of bacteria. In addition, it requires energy, vitamins, trace elements. Paradoxically, most of these elements is fats, which we consider enemies of human health and beauty. No wonder that, renouncing the fat intake for quick weight loss and maintenance of shape, we begin to notice the deterioration of the skin and ask for leg-up to the cosmetics.

Today we know that not all fats are harmful to us. Not new and that useful fats are vegetable oils. However, not all vegetable oils that we eat, there is a set of essential to our skin the biologically active substances. For example, phospholipids – building blocks for cell membranes – are in the unrefined oil. Vitamins and other biologically active combinations are stored only in oil, gained by cold pressing.

And essential fatty acids, which produce substances that regulate the physiological flow in the skin (blood flow, sweating, sebum production, immune reaction, the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue), come across not all oils. Especially a lot of them in the vegetable equivalent of cod liver oil – flax oil. Oil ‘Flax with selenium’ was created to ensure the health and preservation of beauty, at knowledge base about the physiology and biochemistry of skin. ‘Russian silk’ anciently called flax. Much less is known phrase ‘Russian oil’ or ‘king of oils, “although it is well known oil derived from flax seed. Best specialists nutritional think of this product coming. Oil ‘Flax with Se’ is a way the first cold-pressed and is refined. To store the original structure of fatty acids and phospholipids oil prevent the addition of fat-soluble antioxidant – selenopirana. In addition to its protective features of the elements of oil, selenopiran is a donor of selenium. Selenium is involved in many processes in the body, contributes to the skin can easily cope with the attacks of microbes, radiation, chemical contaminants. The oil ‘Flax with selenium is contained alpha-tocopherol and beta-carotene (ie, vitamin E and provitamin A) -‘ Home ‘Vitamins attractiveness. The method of oil consumption is very primitive – 1 dessert spoon per day. Particularly recommend it as a salad dressing – a combination of active ingredients, oil with vitamins of vegetables and herbs visibly improve your health and appearance in the short period of time.