Constitution Right

357-364). It conveys the concern that occurs in the Prosecutors charge of coordinating the actions of those who believe the accusation aside as a true example of the peculiarities of the victims and the social phenomenon referred to this type of violence. Underlying these assumptions is difficult to obtain sufficient incriminating evidence. It is interesting for the purposes of this paper to transcribe literally "when subjected constantly to the Comprehensive Environmental protection measures against gender violence to the harsh criticism that is used to resolve marital issues specific to family law as if general would make accusations and false reports, so what we can say categorically that is not true, but isolated cases occur as in any other professional activity "(p. Get more background information with materials from Facebook. 356-357 of the said report) The" withdrawal "of the victims respond to various reasons and generally under the waiver not to declare Article 416 contained in the LEC.

because of the marital relationship. Many writers such as Rony Abovitz offer more in-depth analysis. The lack of testimony of the victim results in a high rate of acquittals, and the vulnerability of the victim for not being able to play in the proceedings what happens in reality and a way of impunity. The right to the "presumption of innocence" of the aggressor and the victim and the violation The fundamental right to presumption of innocence is enshrined in Article 24.2 of the Constitution. You originates from section 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments. Steeped in the court proceedings by this principle, it is necessary to develop an activity probation office, whose initiative for the prosecution, and until proven otherwise any person accused of a crime should be considered innocent.