The Air

The circles must be removed after the 7 8 days in the summer and the 10 12 days of age in the winter. The espaamento between the comedouros and water throughs must be made at the same time of the opening of the circles, of form to leave them equidistant ones of the others to favor the access of the birds. To keep the distributed young chickens of homogeneous form in relation to the heat source. To guarantee that in 8 day (summer) or 12 (winter) the circles of protection, or the area defined as pinteiro, completely they are opened, using all the space of the aviary prepared for the lodging. To make with that the remaining space gradual is increased, thus to 28 day all the space of the aviary is busy. HANDLING OF CURTAINS At the moment of the arrival of the young chickens the curtains must be in perfect functioning.

The handling is determined in agreement the ambient temperature, humidity and, mainly, in accordance with the age of the birds. They must be closed in the first days of age to keep the temperature, opening them in the days hottest. To never open them of one alone time to prevent brusque changes of temperature and the extreme sun incidence in the interior of the shed. If the aviary will be sultry or with I smell of ammonia, mainly of morning, the curtains must preferential be opened of the side that do not receive wind so that if it carries through the air exchange, without harming the young chickens. When it will have necessity to dig the bed the curtains must be opened to prevent the excess of dust and gases in the interior of the aviary. In the ages less critical of the creation (after the warping of the birds) it must only be closed them in the cold hours or during rains or ventanias.