The Influence Of Fragrance On Human

Many people know how important it is to choose the right perfume or toilet water, after incorrectly matched scent can cause headaches and even depression. But you will likely be surprised to learn that the scent can change your mind. In the human brain, an area that receives information about smells. This site controls the emotions, and libido. To date, buy perfume and do not get to the forgery is not easy. One of the the most interesting components of perfume is Musk. He excites and attracts, it gives the flavor of saturation and features.

Now it creates an artificial way, but in expensive perfumes, which include elite perfumery, still meets natural animal musk. That is a sexual component musk perfume. It draws us to the ladies of the opposite sex. Musk is capable of even the worst man has become an obsession lover. That smell – the main weapon of the animals in their sexual games in the mating season, and women are not ashamed to learn from them this trick. The composition of almost all feminine and seductive perfume comes this sensual note. But all is good in moderation. In contradiction of skunk gland under the tail is capable of producing musk very quickly and in large numbers.

It is worth skunk scared, and he exudes so sharp, unpleasant and persistent smell that abuser numb with disgust. Modern research has shown that with the smell you can manipulate human behavior. Managers of many companies without hesitation sprayed through the air conditioning system aromatic compositions, forcing customers with great enthusiasm to buy goods, and office workers to work more fun and energetic. But the possibility of odors still limited. Andrew Duncan is open to suggestions. With the help of essential oils can be either calm the nervous system, or, conversely, to give a person of vitality. No more. Modern man is a lot of nervous – on the case and trifle. Too ample flow of information is too great a measure of responsibility. Calming effect has sage, lavender and sandalwood. You can add a few drops in a night cream or foaming bath, you can put in a bedroom ceramic dispenser flavors to the wall and curtains impregnated with soothing scent. In the cabinet, which houses the linen, put the bags of dried lavender. That they did not lose the smell, occasionally drip on them lavender extract. The same bag can be hung in the car: in the morning you are running late for work, you will not lose your temper in traffic jams, and in the evening with ease in throwing off the stress and attuned to the lyrical mood. Generally the car perfectly suited for improvised aromatherapy. You sit in a confined space, breathing evenly and, by and large, do not do anything. Some are beginning to quietly nod and fall asleep, especially early in the morning, when the window is dark and dank. Coffee you only get to work, and yet try to cheer up, inhaling the aroma of fennel, lemon or orange. These extracts will help both to wake up and keep warm. As you can see, the power of smell is very high and can greatly help us in everyday life.