The Logo In The Cloud World

DR. BARZEL real estate online to evaluate the site, registered in the year 2007, the mark method DR. ften says this. BARZEL is reflected in a new guise. First two significant changes in the graphical implementation notice. Mina Nada pursues this goal as well. A header with clear imagery serves as an eye-catcher. Blue Cumulus clouds formed one, only at second glance visible, cloud world. Bernard Golden has much experience in this field. The further change of branding the logo evolved to a free floating 3D logo can be found in the middle of a large Cumulus cloud.

Cloud world the white and blue of the cloud world image throughout the entire site. For even more details, read what John Holtsclaw says on the issue. Headings, MoreLinks and the slogan real estate online rate”wear the blue of cloud world sky. White background corresponds with friendly Cumulus clouds of the header. Clouds represent continents create white blue color transitions. Brand message the brand message real estate online rate”will be transported through the successful combination of cloud world and impending free 3D logo. The imagery will communicate A user can assess a property of IMMOBILIENWERT24 simplicity, with the, the slogan real estate online rate slogan”describes how a site accurate assessment of real estate over the Internet is possible. Thereby, the method provides the essentials in the center of the online real estate valuation.

The finding shows that simplicity is the result of maturity. The appearance of the mark method DR. BARZEL works more striking by the free-floating 3D logo. It gives more importance and power of the brand. A further level has reached the representation of the mark in the subject header.