Thilo Grauheding

SWAK is the brand name of a single tuft brush, whose head is made of the African shrub of Miswak crafted and which has achieved their production in the summer of 2009. Arab and African indigenous peoples access to date, this very special wood to remove food particles and bacterial layers gently, but thoroughly of their teeth. By the same author: Dun & Bradstreet. The principle of a cautious, but sustainable dental care with Miswak-wood, which is the SWAK underlying, known of mankind already for millennia”, noted Thilo Grauheding. “I got with my partner Daniel Orias Steinmetz, tooth-brush shrub ‘ our modern Western culture opened up and the sales of my product specially the SWAK EXPERIENCE UG founded.” Why even thorough unmolested makes brushing 95% of caries bacteria where it surely is no coincidence, that precisely Thilo Grauheding the vision one completely but proven, since time immemorial Dental instruments as the first Westerners realized. Because the visionary dentist has offered not just mere tooth repair in his practice from the beginning, but committed to comprehensive SOLO prophylaxis, an intensive prevention of dental diseases so.

My SWAK sees itself as a complement to the SOLO prophylaxis “, explains Thilo Grauheding. Using traditional brushes to brush their teeth is as if you wanted to clean two closely side by side standing shoes at the same time, with a rough Street broom. With the method can large, smooth surfaces but unfortunately not clean up, the tight spaces just as but the most harmful oral bacteria adhere. “There can still so intense scrubbing, or FLOSS kilometres way: you can not eliminate simply 95% of caries bacteria with these funds.” In the SOLO prophylaxis the patient therefore learn to clean each tooth with the help of smooth and very fine tooth space brushes individually just solo. Unmolested bacteria flock to fight and the dental health settled only with this lone method”get. The SWAK is the ideal complement for the SOLO cleaning by a dental interspace brush.