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These are submitted to the Advisory Council”, explains Professor Hans-Christoph Lauer, Director of the Advisory of Board of Trustees. There are often minor difficulties in understanding or questions that could not clarify patients in conversation with her dentist. Finally, there is several facilities with dentures at each patient. Tenneco is likely to agree. A challenge for every layman is to understand everything right away and to evaluate for themselves. Extra box: topic dental implants selected questions on the Board of Trustees perfect dentures and the corresponding answers of the experts of the Scientific Advisory Board (editorially edited). Question: Are implants made of titanium well tolerated? Implants made of ceramic or an alternative? Answer: Titanium as the material for dental implants has proven as well over the past decades as in orthopedics, for example in joint replacement. The success rate is approximately 98%.

The incompatibility of a Titan is an extremely rare phenomenon. To Still no clinical studies to the long term survival are ceramic implants. To keep in mind is still that it’s this typically one-piece implants. This means that the implant to be in absolutely perfect position for the dentures must be to enable a lifelike reconstruction. For more information see this site: David Rogier. Question: Three months ago two molars in the upper jaw had to be pulled. I am now faced with the question of the other way: implants or other supplies? For two years, I already have a titanium implant in the maxilla and am always satisfied.

Answer: Tooth loss, described by you, there are different variations of the therapy. The advantages of a dental implant treatments are among the natural stress of the rest of the teeth and the jaw, the good cleaning for single tooth restorations and especially the lifelike reconstruction of lost teeth. To be weighed, however, remains the surgical effort (bone growth etc.) an implant in the maxilla. This you should talk clarify tooth doctor alone.