Town Planning Board

It all depends on your target audience. If your project is aimed at ordinary consumers, it should order a realistic mock-ups, as here It will be important to show the facade of the building, its coloring, just to be seen green areas, roads, etc. If your goal – architects and investors, the more appropriate conceptual architectural models. They look stylish and modern and can distinguish the main features of the object that you want to absorb the viewer. You should stay on the conceptual layout, if you want to show: the area of the building, which the territory it occupies, as is building as the fit in the existing building. For example, the architectural layout of the business quarter 'Moscow-commodity' is made by Studio RED commissioned architect's' Yevgeny Gerasimov and Partners. " Layout was made of natural solid wood, natural veneers and Plexiglas.

There is nothing extra, architectural model corresponds to the main demand – to show a project on building block in the Town Planning Board. When you determine what type of layout suits you, to solve a number of issues. Do I need to show in detail the elements of improvement: flowerbeds, trees, lawns, cars, people? Do you want to in your layout was lighting? Do I need to complete the layout of the protective hood (depending on how you plan to exhibit and transport model)? Once you articulate your wishes regarding the future of the architectural layout you can begin to prepare documents for prototyping workshop. As a minimum you will need: a master plan, floor plans, drawings of the facade and roof. Based on your documents and made wishes, prototyping workshop will prepare you for the offer and the concept of the layout. You should be prepared for what to produce high-quality layout will take at least a month. In your best interest to specify the location or the interior, where it will exhibited the layout, as this information may be considered when making the layout. The information obtained can affect both the color layout, and seemingly at first sight, for such unimportant things as the location switch lights. After reading this article, you get a clearer view of architectural models, and you will not be difficult to write a specification for the manufacture of architectural layout which will fully reflect all the key ideas and advantages for your next architectural project.