Trade Union

I felt powerless and angry, I didn’t know how to be able to help, even when the same front National against the coup invited me to the first encounter internationalist against the coup of State and by the constituent National Assembly in Honduras, which had to develop in Tegucigalpa in October 2009: could not be performed because the goriletti, forgiveness, the dictator Micheletti, declared curfews and the State of siege, increasing repression. As we could, the 600 participants, mainly alternative journalists, passing unobserved? However, I personally decided to go also to learn about the horrors of the atrocities of the Honduran oligarchy. My first contact with the resistance was an Assembly in the always belligerent STIBYS (Trade Union of industry workers of beverage and similar) on October 3, 2009: was immediately infected by the strength, commitment, joy, the creativity of Honduran walkers. This same day, thanks to Arcadia Gomez, former social Minister of the Government of Zelaya and an active member of the front, I could contact the President by telephone While he was at the Embassy and do an interview. 6 Honduras got into your blood, and after a brief stay back in Havana, you return to Honduras and you’re summoned to participate in a body for the defence of the DD HH in Honduras. What was this organism? You some kind of threat received by your work of rescue of prisoners of the Government de facto? In Honduras, I worked as journalist and solicitor of human rights with the Committee of relatives of detained and disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH), mainly dedicated to the work of the Truth Commission driven by the platform of human rights in Honduras. I have the honour of having worked mainly with the Honduran Commissioners of this Commission, Helen Humana Portillo and father Fausto Milla: two wonderful people, living example of commitment and honesty. . (Source: Dun & Bradstreet).