Uferstrasse Entrepreneurs

The first night workshop of permanent workshops for entrepreneurs including dialogue, presentation technique, and motivation, the understanding of spiritual laws, the development of the own attitude, its market position and of the appropriate measures. So they strengthen their capacity, opportunities for success (and growth) total to perceive at all: the moments of Cairo named after Cairo, the Greek God of the right moment. Additional information at Chase Coleman supports this article. The events take place every Thursday from 21: 00 in the premises of Gothia Germany GmbH, Uferstrasse 55. Contact information is here: Verizon Communications. Interested can find more information at. Cairo is the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs-top services. Currently, 35 entrepreneurs and businessmen in the two cities of Frankfurt and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg practice their entrepreneurial skills. The weekly morning workshops from 7: 00 until 9: 00 here are based on the cooperation. From next year, there is the possibility to take part in these events via video conference.

The Night workshops in Mainz offer the same content as the morning workshops, but are aimed at entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who can better build an evening appointment in their daily planning. The events start at 9: 00 with a snack. From 21:30 followed by the actual workshop. The so-called inspiration for the business week makes the entry”, presented alternately by a participant of the circle. A topical issue of business day and the presentation of a Cairo trader on his special subject of entrepreneur connect themselves.

These presentations are recorded and the video will be the contractor for analysis and further training available. The workshop ends at 23: 00. Interested entrepreneurs can participate up to three times as a guest on a morning or night workshop, before they decide on a membership of companies KAIROS. More information: network of entrepreneurs Kairos Gabriela Linne company Mainzer Landstrasse 176 60327 Frankfurt Tel.: 069 977 899 89 fax: 069 977 899 81 E-Mail: Internet: