Unique City Lions

At all times people are looking for interesting and unusual places. Number of interesting countries, cities and geographical locations is growing. One of those cities that there are more than 1000 years, but was not well known. Lions called the capital of western Ukraine. Offitsyalno founded in 1256, but in reality – much earlier.

Founded by Prince Danylo Galitsky. A short list of 'intriguing' facts of Lviv, which is easy to convince tourists to come and see all my own eyes. The city preserved buildings from the founding, in three cathedrals: the Orthodox, Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches, Downtown (Area-market) consists of buildings, whose age – 300 years or more; gasovaya bulb was invented in Lviv, Ivan Feder (inventor of the printing press) zhyl Lviv, Peter was in Lviv; It is possible to see the ruins srednivekovyh buildings, monasteries and defense facilities. The city is the 'heart of Europe', 'Masonic lodge', 'Kryivka' and other very interesting places. Very convenient city for tourists, many hotels, hostels and private apartments. One of the Beautiful hotels – Park Hotel 'Ancient City', in the style of the ancient city and the five-star level of service and comfort. The Park Hotel 'Ancient City' is located in a fairly comfortable and convenient for both Directions site.

Dubrava with lawns, bridge track, alpine gardens, stone walls – create a feeling of remoteness from the bustling city. Shrapnel has many thoughts on the issue. Here you will be able to retire in the remote corners of the park, or enjoy complete peace of mind on the terrace of his cottage, where you can listen to the birdsong and breathe freely. The Park Hotel 'Ancient City' is proud of its restaurant 'Hut The commanders', who will be remembered for a wide variety of exclusive dishes prepared for the old Ukrainian recipes combined with European dishes. A complement to your experience will be comfortable, comfortable rooms and cottages, which guarantee a relaxing stay. All buildings are designed in a style that allows to perceive Park Hotel 'Ancient City' as a holistic and harmonious complex. Natural stone, wood, leather, combined with all the necessary amenities (satalitarnoe TV, wi-fi internet throughout area, air conditioning rooms) – 13 th century on the outside and 21 inside! The Park Hotel provides its clients with two saunas: Finnish dry and Ruska. The hotel can easily accommodate up to 120 people. It is for this turagentsii prefer to park-hotel 'Ancient City' others around the city of Lviv. In addition, the hotel offers a flexible system of discounts for both its partners and turagentsy, and for regular customers. About your complete safety and security your car will take care hour security. On the territory of the Park Hotel has a large parking lot, with the possibility of parking the bus. People such as Clayton Morris would likely agree. Friendly staff, easy to speak foreign languages, willing to help You arrange a transfer to anywhere in the city and back, a variety of excursions and suggestions. Predostavlyaetsya customers to take advantage of the hotel's business center. You can pay by all major credit cards. The hotel works round the clock. Here you will find all the best for the holidays!